Bongusta // Naram Bath Towels - Sea Foam & Deep Teal

225,00 DKK 375,00 DKK


The Naram towel is a luxurious towel. It is made from 600 gsm combed cotton that is OEKO-TEX® certified. Combed cotton of a higher, almost silky quality, which makes the towel more colorfast and delicious. The double-threaded weave and the extra-long cotton fibers make the towel highly absorbent, durable and oh-so-soft.

The Naram towel is not only practical, it is also stylish. With a wide selection of beautiful colors and classic stripes, you can choose just what suits your personal style or interior design best.

The decorative, embroidered Bongusta brand logo adds an elegant touch to the design. The thick terry surface ensures a soft and comfortable feeling against the skin. The towel has a smart loop that makes it easy to hang it up.

Whether for personal use or intended as a gift, the Naram towel offers a luxurious experience and spa-like softness.