Green Petition // Delmor Viva Beach Towel

250,00 DKK

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Meet your new generation, 100% recycled Delmor Viva beach towel. Undyed with vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

12x12x16 cm

620 g

  • They dry quickly: Due to the unique texture and material composition of each of the bath towels, each of the towels on offer dries quickly and easily, taking half the time to dry compared to a regular bath towel. This quick dry bath towel feature ensures that bath towels do not get damp if hung up and stored properly. Gone are the days of bathrooms smelling damp and towels seeming to remain wet all day long with the new quick-dry formula used to design our Green Petition bath towels! 
  • The towels are sand resistant: For those customers who are hoping to use their bath towels as beach towels to enjoy a day by the sea, each of the bath towels produced by green Petition is designed to be sand resistant! Each of the bath towels is two-sided; one side of it is resistant to sand whereas the other side is quite soft and has a luxurious feel. With this dual side feature, bath towels can be easily used to layout on the beach or even remove sand from your body when you get back.